Lets Get Colourful!

We love to make you as colourful as possible, as much love it we don’t want you to be forever coloured! Here are some great tips for before and  after the fun run to help you get clean quickly.

Before the fun begins!

If you take some time to do a few little things before the fun run begins it will help to make the colour removal easier afterwards and can even help to make you more colourful during the fun run.

Number 1: Make sure you apply moisturizer to your skin to help create a barrier and help prevent staining your skin (dry skin has more chance of absorbing the colour). Sun screen with moisturizer is the best way to do both in one hit!

Number 2: If you have lighter coloured hair, use coconut oil or olive oil to create a barrier, leaving in your favourite conditioner is also a great way to help prevent any colour taking to your hair.

Number 3: Wear a hat and use the safety glasses provided or your own sunglasses 😊 Our colour is 100% safe for use, we want to be 110% safe, so we supply and recommend you wear glasses to protect your eyes from the colourful powder floating around the zones.

Number 4: Bring a clip seal bag for your phone. This is an easy way to still be able to take those great photos and not get any coloured powder
on or in your phone!

Number 5: Bring a towel to sit on in your car or even better a change of clothes to change into. After you finish the run and taken all your colourful photos head to the registration tent and use our brushes to brush off the excess colour from your skin, this will help to reduce any excess spreading
around on your trip home.

After you have finished the fun!

Number 1: Brush off as much powder as possible before you jump in the car or head on to the bus! This will help to stop you spreading the colour
love where it shouldn’t be. We have lots of brushes available from the registration tent on the day.

Number 2: Jump in for a shower using colder water as soon as possible. You did a fantastic job joining in the fun run, now let’s get you nice and clean!

Wash out the oil or conditioner you have cleverly added to your hair before the fun run and watch the colourful water rinse away down the drain as you wash off the colour & Sun screen / moisturizer from your skin.

It is not uncommon for hints of colour to be left around but by doing the preparation before the run you have helped in many little ways. The left over will come off skin and hair after a few washes 😊

Number 3: Your fun run white’s may not be as lucky as you when it comes to getting clean. Some material will take to the colour more then others.
Shake off any excess colour from the clothes and put them into wash with Vanish or similar washing product. If they don’t get 100% clean don’t stress because we will be back next year and you will have your outfit ready to go already! 

Don’t forget to share all your colourful photos over Facebook and social media! Hashtag #ColourFrenzy